A Rocky Odyssey

A performance featuring stones, sticks, songs and other stuff.
And an actress.

A Rocky Odyssey, premiered in Seville on the 2nd of March 2018 in Estrenarte Festival by Circus (Seville university cultural initiatives centre)

The Show

Theater of stones, sticks, songs and pots. And an actress.
Small-format show consisting of a table and five panels.

For all audiences from 4 years old.

Duration: 40 min.

Maximum capacity 100 people.


In the world of Rocks, there are a lots of rocks!
There are big rocks and small rocks and flat rocks and round rocks and...there is one twig with its leaf.
Rocks and twigs used to live in harmony, but not any more...

A Rock Odyssey it's a journey of discovery. 
It's about learning friendship, tolerance and nonconformity.

But A Rock Odyssey is also a game. It is Petra's game. She will show us her world of stones and in this world there are stones that will sing the blues to you. Stones obsessed with consumption and stones consumed by fear.
All of these characters help Petra to tell us the story of this odyssey: Roca's trip.


Technical requirements

Set up time 3h
Set up without lighting 1h
Load out 30min
Performance space minimum dimensions 6x6m

Lighting board

24 x channels of D. M. X. Dimmers
7 profiles 30°
12 PCs 1000W with barn doors
8 par number 5 or 4 par led.

Sound board with 4 channels

CD player with auto pause



Conceived by Marisa Refoyo.
Directed by Maite Campos.
Performed by Marisa Refoyo.
Set designer Fabián Huertes Castillo.
Lighting designer Eneko Álamo.
Music and sound designer Adrián Rincón.
Production: LAPEPEPITA & LaPuri.